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Last Updated  : 2017-06-21 15:47:45.

    deposit <Amount>          : Deposit specific gold amount into bank.
    deposit all               : Deposit all on-hand gold into bank.
    withdraw <amount>         : Withdraw <amount> gold from account.
    withdraw all              : Withdraw all gold from bank account.
    account / worth           : Show carried & deposited gold amounts.


Banks are available for player use, to help prevent the perils of gold
stolen by thieving mobs and other odd circumstances.  At a bank, such as
the Aylorian Bank of Ivar straight south from recall, you can choose to
'deposit' or 'withdraw' a set amount of gold.  You may also 'deposit all'
or 'withdraw all' to have all money on hand put into or taken from the
bank.  You must go to a bank and withdraw money to access your funds; there
is no debit system on Aardwolf.  To see your current amount of gold on hand
and in the bank, type 'account' or 'worth'.  There are no fees for using
banks, and interest is not (nor will be) an option.

This is different from clan bank accounts- money may be deposited into clan
accounts by any player, but may only be removed by Imms, usually for clan
upgrades.  See 'help clandonate' for more information on this account.