Help Keywords : Divorce.
Help Category : Features.
Related Helps : Confiscate, Marry, Reimburse, Wizlevels.
Last Updated : 2022-09-10 13:55:45.
If things are no longer happy in the world of you and your spouse, you may contact an Immortal to get a divorce, whether or not your spouse is online. Manors and owned equipment will be returned to their original owners in a divorce (see 'help confiscate') as long as the other player has not deleted. (There is no way to return anything they may have been carrying after deletion.)
Any other details (visitation rights, lovely parting gifts, etc.) will have to be worked out by the divorcing parties; Imms will not arbitrate.
After divorcing, there is a cool-down timer before one can marry again. This timer lasts for 30 days or until remort or tier. You can check this timer at any time by typing 'propose'. Alternatively, those who wish to remarry sooner may pay a fee of 10 trivia points to remove the timer. (See 'help tpspend' - 'runto ravi;tpspend remarry'). If a player's spouse no longer exists because of deletion or archiving, the player may request to be considered widowed and will not need to wait to remarry. As of January 30th 2015, this also applies to spouses who have been offline for 1 year or more.
Imms- see 'help imm-divorce'. (This help file is only visible to Immortals).