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Triggers - Triggers in poker, like most other aspects of the mud, are illegal if they perform an in-game action that affects the game without your input. This includes triggers that bypass timers, or triggers that interface with client scripts to play for you. Players caught using triggers will lose any gold tied-up in the game in question, and will be banned from poker. Exception: Triggers to automatically deal after each hand are acceptable.

Pchat Etiquette - Pchat is a private channel, however it is not an official curse-flagged channel. That being said, I will not object to players cursing on pchat so long as the other players in the game do not object. If anyone complains, cease offensive chatter immediately or be possibly removed from the poker game.

Outside Chat - It is a generally-accepted rule that players at a table may not communicate with each other through means the rest of the table cannot see, to curtail possible cheating. Anyone caught or suspected of using this method to cheat will be warned. Subsequent actions will involve the request that the "partners" never join the same game again, up through potential banning of both players.

Table Master Ejection - In non-tournament games, it is the Table Master's prerogative to remove from the game any player or observer they wish to, without need for justification. Players removed thusly may join another table or create their own. The only risk to Table Masters who utilize this is the risk of others' opinions of them... possibly leading to others ejecting THEM, or not wishing to join their table. In Tournament games, only 0-chip players and observers may be ejected by a Table Master, to protect players' gold. Disruptive players, however, can be ejected (without compensation) and poker-banned by an immortal if necessary.

Voluntary Poker Ban - Some players who feel they need help abstaining from gambling can voluntarily request to be banned from poker by an IMM. Please note that if you request to be banned, the ban will not be removed until you tier. Please post requests for voluntary ban on the Upgrades board to 'imm'.

The entire intent of poker is to provide you with an activity you can play with strangers and friends alike, of all skill levels, for gain or for fun. Offenses that violate this spirit of the game will be dealt with in a manner appropriate to the crime. Please keep this an enjoyable activity for everyone.

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