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Last Updated  : 2011-05-03 19:21:56.
These Global Quest rules are retired.  Please see help 'gquest rules' for
the current rules regarding global quest participation.

Basically, when you're participating in a gquest, you're on your own.

As gquester you may:
- Have a spell-up at Aylor or your own manor.
- Get general mud information from someone else.
- Get other non-area-quest items from your spouse.

As gquester you may NOT:
- Use someone else's spell portal, unless they're made in Aylor or made 
  by your spouse.
- Get area quest items or keys from your spouse.
- Manipulate mobs (push them behind locked doors, leave mobs wounded, etc.)
- Get anything from anyone who isn't your spouse.
- Avoid killing gquest mobs in order to purposely lose the gquest.
- Be grouped with other players who influence the GQ in ANY way.
  (This includes groupies who've joined the GQ, groupies killing/holding
  GQ targets, and/or groupies in GQ-target areas, watching repops)
- Stack the mob speedwalk with the kill command.

As general player (gquester or not) you may:
- Give a spell-up at Aylor or your own manor to a gquester.
- Give general mud information to gquesters.
- As spouse give non-quest items to gquesters, including portals, but not

As general player (gquester or not) you may NOT:
- Use a trigger to automatically join a global quest.
- Cast portal-type spells for gquesters, unless you are in Aylor.
- Help gquesters by removing aggros which stand in their way.
- As spouse, give keys or quest-items to gquesters.
- As non-spouse give any item to gquesters.
- Hold mobs for GQ participants, or to delay others.

Global Quests are NOT an excuse to violate normal killstealing guidelines.

There are a number of unspoken guidelines to Global Quests not included
here.  A general guideline to follow is if you gain any benefit from
another player's actions, that is unavailable to the other GQ participants,
you are violating the spirit of the rules of fairness for Global Quests.
Immortals will make the final decision on legality on these issues.