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Related Helps : Voteadmin, Notify.
Last Updated  : 2012-12-23 06:49:24.

This helpfile covers the in-game voting system.  For information about
voting for Aardwolf on external sites, please refer to 'help ivoted'.

Aardwolf features a voting system to poll players' opinions on various
topics, both mud related and outside of the MUD.  Some clans have also
purchased the ability to have voting booths of their own.  All votes are
saved across reboots and the results of public votes are automatically
published to a notice board when votes expire.

Whenever you see a voting booth in a room, you have the following

   vote list             : Lists all current polls active on the voting

   vote <poll#>          : Shows the details of the vote, any minimum level
                           or hours online requirements to vote and what
                           the voting options are.

   vote <poll#> <option> : Submit your vote for the option number given.

   vote listall          : Lists all votes in the mud that you are able
                           to take part in, and whether or not you have
                           already voted.

   vote listnew          : Lists all votes in the mud that you have not
                           yet voted in.

If you are a voting booth owner looking for information on starting a
new poll and the various flags available, read 'HELP VOTEADMIN'.

If you are interested in seeing which votes have been taken already and
what the results were, be sure to subscribe to the 'voting' board.

Note that unless the vote shows the 'anonymous' flag, the vote owner 
will be able to see your vote once the poll is over.

There is also a video which explains how to vote on Aardwolf: