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Last Updated  : 2014-04-21 16:57:17.
Heroes and Superheroes (level 200 and 201) do not show the usual level/race
class information in who; they have a 'who name' instead.  By default, this
is [     HERO      ] and [   SUPERHERO   ], respectively. 'Heroine' and
'Superheroine' are the female counterparts.

Whonames can be customized at a cost of 3 trivia points, and once set,
will show any time the player is a Hero or Superhero.  It saves across
remort / tier, so if you have a hero whoname set, for example, and then 
tier, you will have the same whoname once you are level 200 again. Only
standard colors may be used in whonames, those listed in help colors.

Whonames are limited to 15 characters exactly.  You may choose a single
color for your whoname, not included in the length.  Standard keyboard 
symbols and letters may be used within the brackets, but the [  ]s 
around the whoname are not changeable.  

A whoname can be set by an Imm level 205 or higher, while you are online.
If an Imm of that level is not visible, post a note on the Upgrades board
and an Imm will set it when you are both available.  Be sure to include
the entire string as you want it, including the brackets.

Whonames that misrepresent level, class or race are not allowed.