Land Deeds

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How Land Deeds work -

Land deeds allow a player to select a prime location for his or her 
manor.  Deeds may be purchased via market sale, or may be purchased
directly from another player with assistance from an immortal to
document the change in ownership.  However, deeds have expiry dates 
after which time they are null and void, therefore the older a deed
is, the less valuable it becomes.

Expiry dates are six months from date of sale.  You can see the expiry
date on the deed by typing 'identify deed' while the deed is in your

How a Deed may be Purchased and Used:

From time to time, an immortal may put a deed for sale as a market
showcase item.  Upon purchase, the player will need to contact an 
Immortal to have the ownership set. The player will need to select their
lot (this is first come first serve) in any of the prime locations in 
the manor areas Mountain View Estates, Prairie Village, Seaside Heights, 
or Shady Acres.  These prime locations are usually those closest to the
area entrance, thus providing easy continent access.  Their locations
are marked by signs that indicate purchase is by deed only.

Ownership of a deed does NOT constitute ownership of a manor.  A player 
may either purchase a manor or move an existing manor.  Moving an
existing manor has a cost of 3M gold/100qp (less tier discount).  This
option (of moving an existing manor) is ONLY available to deed owners.

Upon selection of the location, player must post an upgrade note to imm,
specifying area and desired location.  The selected location must be
free and clear of any existing, unexpired deeds.  One can check this by
typing 'look claimed' in the desired location.  

An immortal will then reserve the location for the player, and add the
location to the player's deed (room key, ownership, and confirm expiry).
A manor must be placed at the claimed site within 6 months of purchase,
after which time the deed will have expired, and be null and void.

Once a manor has been set up at the reserved location, the deed is to be
handed over to an immortal.

If a manor has not been built within this time period, the deed becomes
null and void.  Basically, you are out of luck.  Any claimed area goes 
back into the pot and available to someone else.