Poker Commands

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The following is a list and description of most poker commands. Additional Table Master commands are detailed in 'help poker admin'. Typing 'poker' with no arguments will provide a brief list of available commands.

The following commands give useful information dealing with poker in general, and with specific games.

  Gamelist  - Syntax: poker gamelist
              Lists brief information on each game, including the game ID
              number, buyin amounts, and current number of players in the

  Gameinfo  - Syntax: poker gameinfo [<game ID>|all|tourney|nontourney|
              Gives information on a specific game, all games running, all
              Tournament games running, all non-tournament games running,
              or the specific game a player is playing in, respectively.
              NOTE: If you're in a game, 'poker gameinfo' will retrieve the
              information for the game you are currently in.

  Who       - Syntax: poker who <game ID>
              Lists all players associated with a given game, including all
              players and observers.

  Cardstyle - Syntax: poker cardstyle <number> [test]
              This allows you to customize how you see the cards.  The
              options are:
              0) Full-Word Ranks and Suits.
              1) Full-Word Ranks and Suits with column-aligned spacing.
              2) Short-cards, 1-character rank, 1-character suit.
              3) Graphical (ASCII) cards.
              With no arguments, you will get the list of options and
              which option is currently selected. The "test" argument will
              show an example of the given cardstyle.
              NOTE: "cardstyle" may be abbreviated "cs"

  Hands     - Syntax: poker hands
              This will give the winning hand priority for Texas Hold'em
              Poker with examples of each hand displayed in the cardstyle
              currently selected.

  Jackpot   - Syntax: poker jackpot
              This will list the current totals of the Royal Flush and Bad
              Beat jackpots.

  History   - Syntax: poker -h [<lines>]
              When playing in a game, this will show hand history for the
              current game.  Up to 40 lines are stored for each game.

Each game can support up to 10 players, and the amount of gold bet in the game is determined by the table master who creates the game. The command to create a new game is:

  Create    - Syntax: poker create <buyin> [silent] [tourney [private]|
              Creates a new game with you as a player and table master. The
              buyin amount is charged immediately to the creator. Optional
              flags are detailed in HELP POKER ADMIN.

Additional table master commands are detailed in 'HELP POKER ADMIN'. Normal Player commands for joining games and standard play are as follows:

  Watch     - Syntax: poker watch <game ID>
              Used to observe a game in-progress. Observers can chat with
              each other (and with players if the table master allows) on
              the pchat channel.

  Buyin     - Syntax: poker buyin <game ID>               (Tournament Game)
                      poker buyin <game ID> <amount>|all (Non-Tourney Game)
              Used to join a game or request an invitation to a private
              tournament game. For non-tournament games, the "amount" is in
              gold, and must fall between the minimum and maximum buyin as
              listed in 'poker gameinfo <game ID>'. Using the 'all'
              argument will buyin at the maximum allowable buyin amount.

  Decline   - Syntax: poker decline <game ID>
              Used to decline an invitation to a game from a Table Master.

  Rescind   - Syntax: poker rescind <game ID>
              Used to 'undo' a request made for a game invitation.

  Rebuy     - In tournament games:
                Syntax: poker rebuy
                This command will allow you to buy additional chips, at
                their original cost, provided you have no chips remaining,
                and meet the rebuy limits set by the Table Master.

              In non-tournament games:
                Syntax: poker rebuy <amount>|all
                This will allow you to buy "amount" additional chips, at
                any point between hands in the game. You cannot use this
                command to exceed the maximum buyin chip amount. "Amount"
                is in chips, not gold. The "all" argument will buy enough
                chips to bring the player back to maximum buyin amounts.

  Cashout   - In tournament games:
                Syntax: poker cashout
                This command will cashout all chips, and redeem the player
                with refunded gold as appropriate.  Cashout within the
                first round of play will receive the initial buyin or
                their current chip worth, whichever is lower. Cashouts in
                Round 2 or beyond will receive half the initial buyin or
                their current chip worth, whichever is lower. Leftover
                chips from a cashout are distributed to remaining players.

              In non-tournament games:
                Syntax: poker cashout [<amount>]
                At any point in the game, you may forfeit and cashout the
                chips you have. Between hands, you can cashout portions of
                your chips if you desire.  Gold will be awarded based on
                the chip worth as listed in poker gameinfo.  If the amount
                is omitted, all chips are cashed out and you will leave
                the game.
                NOTE: If a player exceeds the "chip limit" for the table,
                the game will automatically cashout chips above the limit.
                Players receive the chips' worth of gold.

  Leave     - Syntax: poker leave
              Cashout all chips (if any) and leave the game. This is the
              only command available for Observers to exit a game.

  Bet       - Syntax: poker bet <amount>
              This bets an amount of chips and places them in the pot, in
              addition to any chips already bet up to this point.
              Example: If you have 25 chips in already, and you 'bet 5',
              your total bet will be raised to 30, regardless of others'
              bets.  Most players will use 'call' or 'raise' instead.

  Raise     - Syntax: poker raise [to|by] <amount>
              Bets sufficient chips to raise the current required bet. An
              omission of "to" or "by" will result in a "raise by" action.

  Call      - Syntax: poker call
              Calls the current required bet.

  Check     - Syntax: poker check
              A special-case "call" when calling does not require you to
              bet any additional chips.

  Fold      - Syntax: poker fold
              Tosses in your hand, forfeiting any chips bet, removing you
              from the current hand.

  Allin     - Syntax: poker allin
              Bets all chips you have.

  Checkfold - Syntax: poker checkfold [<amount>|clear]
              This command can be used to set a "call limit" on the cards
              you currently hold.  If the required bet exceeds the amount
              specified, you will automatically fold your hand, otherwise
              you will call.  Omitting the amount will supply the current
              required bet as the amount.  You may use the "clear"
              argument to remove a checkfold set in this manner.  The
              checkfold amount is cleared automatically between betting
              rounds.  The most common checkfold is 'cf 0', which will
              fold on any bet, unless you can 'check'.  Please be aware
              that ONLY 'checkfold 0' will attempt to check.  Amounts
              above 0 will auto-fold as specfied above.
              NOTE: "checkfold" may be abbreviated "cf"

  Cards     - Syntax: poker cards
              Shows the cards dealt to you, and this hand's pool cards.

  Bets      - Syntax: poker bets
              Gives a summary of current betting standings for all those
              betting in the current hand.

  Status    - Syntax: poker status
              Gives pot total and required bet information, pool cards
              that have been dealt, and betting information on each
              player remaining in the hand, including chips remaining,
              chips bet this round, and chips required to call.

  Chips     - Syntax: poker chips
              Gives a brief line with how many chips you have in-hand.

  Show      - Syntax: poker show
              Useable after a hand has completed, will display the cards
              that you held in the previous hand. This can only be used
              prior to the next deal.

  Break     - Syntax: poker break
              This command toggles (on/off) 'break' mode, which will
              automatically fold your hands while you've stepped away
              from the game momentarily. Blinds will be placed as normal.
              This command is a courtesy to your fellow players to prevent
              the game from being held up by your absence.
              Sitting idly beyond the game's timer will result in automatic
              setting of 'break' mode.  If you need time to think, you can
              use 'poker cards' to delay the timer.

Any players wishing to join a tournament game must join the game before the first hand is dealt, as the game will henceforth be locked from any new players joining.

When a tournament is finished, players remaining in the game should 'cashout'. This will remove all players from the game, give the winning player the gold for the prize, and delete the game upon the last player's exit. If the players wish to play again, a new game must then be created.