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Last Updated  : 2017-07-14 21:31:25.

    bigmap page


Type 'bigmap' to see a map of the continent you are on.
Type 'bigmap page' to add paging to the map.


'Bigmap' will output the view of the continent you are currently on.  This
compresses each 1x3 map square ([?] on regular map) into a single square
and displays the entire continent at once.  You will appear as a red * on
the map.  It may be used while within an area; the continent map will show
with a magenta * for the area you are currently in.

This command is very bandwidth-consuming, and as such, has a lag time added
to prevent overuse.  This lag time is reduced for MCCP users (see 'help

If your connection cannot handle bigmap being sent all at once (common with
non-MCCP users), use the syntax 'bigmap page' to see a version of bigmap
that respects page size settings. Even with this set, you may still have to
reduce your page size however. To make the paged version of bigmap your
default, use 'alias bigmap bigmap page'.