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Quick Help - How to Remort:

- Go to the remort chamber* to the North-East of Aylor recall.
- Enter 'remort <any class>' to enable remort mode.
- Do any necessary remort auctions.
- When auctions are complete, type 'remort <class>' a second time.

Wishstat and tierstat will need to be re-set upon remorting.

Detailed Help - Aardwolf Remort System:

When you reach SUPERHERO level on Aardwolf, you can continue to gain
trains.  Alternatively, you can choose to be 'reborn' into another class.
What basically happens is that you add another class to your existing set
of skills and spells and restart at level 1.  Because Aardwolf has 7
classes, a player can 'go around' the whole game 7 times.  Since there
is more power to be had, there is also more experience per level to gain as
a tradeoff.

(If playing through 7 classes still isn't enough for you, you can 'tier'
after completing your 7th class, too- see 'help tier' for more information.

There are many features to multiclass playing:

* When you reach the correct level, your existing skills and spells over 
  85% are reset to 85%, or 95% if you have the scholar wish. In the mean 
  time, you gain and practice skills/spells in the new class. 

* Your equipment is retained through each remort (although you must remove
  it from the worn position temporarily during the remort process).

* Your level 201 total stats are saved and restored when you reach level
  201 the next time around. This allows you to try some powerups or
  superhero groups without that time being wasted. See 'help sh-stats' 
  for an explanation of this process.

* Gold, trivia, and quest points are kept. Quest equipment can be 'sold'
  to other players for quest points using remort auctions ('help rauction')
  or long-term market auctions ('help market').

* Online time will remain untouched. 

* Exp required to level increases an extra 1,000 per remort until the
  max for the tier is reached. Full details on exp per level can be
  seen at the bottom of 'help tier'.

* When increasing stats, you will get the primary stat (+5) bonus of all
  your classes.  If you have two classes with the same primary stat, the
  bonus is only given once.  The same applies from level gains- if you have
  mage, thief, and warrior, you will get the highest mana, moves, and hp
  rewards upon level.

* 'Who' and 'Group' will show a 1 letter abbreviation for your class and
  the total number of classes you have. 'whois' and 'finger' will show all
  of your classes.

* Note: Area minimum level locks do not apply to remort characters.

To remort, the following steps are necessary:

1. If you wish to rebuild to a different race, do so before entering remort
   mode.  (Please note that rebuilding is optional and normally only done
   when the player is very unhappy with their current race, primary class,
   or character build.  See 'help rebuild' and 'help classchange'.

2. Go to the Remort Chamber (in the church area just north of recall) and
   type 'remort <classname>'.  At this point the list of commands available
   will be greatly reduced- only commands that you need to continue with
   remort or seek help if necessary will be available.  Type 'commands' to
   see a list of available commands, if necessary.

   Once flagged as in remort mode, you may sell quest equipment via remort
   auction (see 'help remort auction') or market (see 'help market').  Note
   that communication is not as easy in remort mode, so get any deals made
   prior to entering remort mode.

3. Type 'remort <class>' a second time to finish the remort process once
   all other items are placed on market or sold on rauction.

Please take a few seconds to very carefully read the messages that the mud
gives you during the remort process.  Unless caused by a bug, any mistakes 
you make during remort will not be reversed by an Imm. 

Keep in mind that when you remort, you are going back to level 1 and your 
item and weight limits will decrease accordingly. It is best to sort out 
any issues relating to this (invis items, etc.) before remorting, rather 
than after, to avoid going over your maximum.

If you have wishstats or tierstats (see 'help tierstat'), you will need to
reassign those again after remort.

* For those who are directionally-challenged: You can runto remort when in
  The Grand City of Aylor, or run 4n2end from recall.


Equipment Capacity Changes - weight limits after remort (May 2020)