Global Quests

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Global quests are similar to campaigns and standard quests.  Everyone in a
global quest is given a list of up to 15 different targets to kill (with
the possibility of multiple instances of a target).  The first player to
kill all the targets wins the rewards.

There are multiple gquest cycles - one that anyone can join, a cycle only 
for people who have won less than or equal to 10 gquests and a cycle for
less than or equal to 200 wins.

If a global quest is completed before 10 minutes have passed and there is
someone else still in the global quest, it will be extended by 5 more 
minutes to give people a chance to get a few extra qp mobs.  Finishing all 
the mobs in the gquest in extended time does not give you the gquest "win" 
rewards - just the qp from the mob kills. If all the remaining people in the 
GQ kill all the targets it will end immediately.

Your main interface with the global quest system is via the 'gquest'
command; see 'help gquest' for more information on how to use this command.

The 'global' channel announces all upcoming gquests, and you will not see
any other information on the channel unless you are participating in the
current gquest.  This channel is not available when a gquest is not running.
When a quest is active, only people in the quest can talk on this channel.

While you are taking part in a global quest, certain skills and spells will
not work, or may not work as you are used to.

You may only win a maximum of three global quests per level. Therefore, 
once you win three global quests at your current level, you simply need to
reach the next level, where you will once again be allowed to win up to 
three global quests. There is also a limit of 100 kills per level at 
which you will stop being rewarded for individual global quest kills.

A set of rules explaining what actions are and are not allowed regarding
Global Quests can be reviewed in 'help gqrules'.  Clans-sponsored global
quests are no longer available.