Help Keywords : Forgetskill.
Help Category : Features.
Related Helps : Spells, Cast, Spellup.
Last Updated  : 2019-10-13 15:45:33.
Syntax:    forgetskill           : List forgotten skills.
           forgetskill <name>    : Add / remove skills to your list.     
           forgetskill clear     : Clear your current forgetskill list.

The 'forgetskill' command is used to remove abilities from your practiced
list and to prevent them from being cast using the 'spellup' command.

You can add up to 100 skills or spells to the forgetskill command. A 
'forgotten' skill has the following attributes:

    * Will not be auto-cast by the spellup command.
    * Will not appear in 'practice' - does still show in 'learned'.
    * Will not show in the 'skills' and 'spells' command unless 'all'
      option is used, in which case they will show in blue.
    * Will be noted as a forgotten skill/spell in 'showskill'.

'help spellup' contains more information on how this command
can be used to filter skills and spells.