Double XP

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Related Helps : Experience, Prompt, Superhero.
Last Updated : 2017-08-06 12:59:26.
Syntax: double
double hist [filter]
The 'double' command will show if double experience is currently running, the reason, and the amount of time remaining.
Typing 'double hist' will show the last 50 occurrences of double exp and using 'double hist [filter]' will show only lines where the reason or the started by match your filter.
During double exp times, all experience gains (from kills and skill improvements) are doubled. Extra experience from the exprate wish (see 'help wish') is calculated prior to the double bonus being applied.
Periods of double experience may occur for several reasons:

  • Fifteen minutes from anyone who superheroes loud (see 'help superhero').
  • Ten minutes from the use of either a double experience card from Santa

(see 'help santa') or daily blessing reward (see 'help daily').
*Sixty minutes when every millionth monster is killed ("Total Mobs Killed" since added from 'gamestat 5').
*Ten minutes randomly (approximately every 1.5 hours) during periods when donations to Aardwolf are open (see 'help donate').
*Random lengths during special events (such as Aardwolf's birthday) or certain real-life holidays/events.
Prompts may have a variable set to display remaining amounts of double experience when it is active- see 'help prompt'.