Aard Poker

 Welcome to the card game poker, which is very different from help poker.

 Collecting playing cards from mobs will earn you quest points when you
 present a poker hand to the Card Shark. All acceptable hands and their quest
 point value are listed here.

 50 Quest Points  
    Royal Flush:
       Ace, Elemental, Demon, Mephit and 10, all from the same suit.

 40 Quest Points
    Straight Flush:
       Any five cards in sequence of the same suit.

 35 Quest Points
    Four of a kind:
       Any four cards of the same face value from any combination of suits.

 30 Quest Points
    Full House:
       Three of a kind and a pair.

 25 Quest Points
       Any five cards of the same suit.

 20 Quest Points
       Any five cards in sequence from any suit.

 15 Quest Points
    Three of a kind:
       Any three cards of the same face value from any suit.

 10 Quest Points
    Two Pair:
       Two pairs of cards, any suit.

 5 Quest Points
    One Pair:
       One pair of cards, any suit.

 1 Quest Point
    High Card:
       One playing card, any value or suit.

 ** You do not need to collect 5 cards to play, you may simply turn in
    a single card for one quest point, or hold onto it and collect more.

 ** This is an ongoing game as it has been coded into the MUD, so your
    cards will not become obsolete.

 ** You do not need to have autoloot toggled on, these will be looted
    automatically from a corpse as long as you get exp from killing it.
    You must also have the capacity to carry the card, if you are over
    weight or item count, the card will not be looted.

 ** You must have only the sequence of cards in your inventory which
    you intend to turn in.  If the mob returns no rewards it could be
    because you do not have a single sequence in your inventory.  

 ** If the Card Shark eats cards you didn't intend due to you having
    the wrong sequence in your hand or more than one set of cards,
    the immortal staff will NOT reimburse you.