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Last Updated  : 2021-01-13 00:37:19.
Syntax: gquest <join|quit|info|check|complete|progress|history|ranges>

'Gquest' is the main command used by players to join and take part in 
global mud-wide quests (gquests), explained in 'help global quests'.

The following commands are available at any time:

Gquest list    : Show currently running global quests.

Gquest info    : See rewards available, duration, time to start and 
                 other general details on the current global quest.
                 If multiple global quests are running you will need to
                 enter the global quest number.

Gquest history : Shows a list of all gquest results since reboot- the
                 time completed, level ranges, winning player, and amount
                 of time taken. Gq history [number] will show the full
                 details of that global quest. Note that you can also
                 do 'global -h [gquest #]' to see the channel history
                 from that global quest.

Gquest ranges  : Displays the list of global quest level ranges and whether
                 each has already run in the current cycle.

Global quests are announced to all players within the gquest's level range
that have the 'global' channel turned on.  Once announced, there is a short
delay before the gquest actually starts.  During this time, you may type
'gquest join' in order to actually join the gquest.  You must be online 
when the gquest is first announced in order to participate, and must join 
in order to receive any rewards or credit towards the gquest. Quitting the
game will remove you from the gquest and / or eligibility to join.

Once under way, the following options are available:

Gquest info     : Shows information listed in 'gquest info' above.  If you
                  are within the gquest level range, also shows the mobs
                  required to complete the gquest.

Gquest check    : If participating, this shows you what mobs are still
                  needed to complete the gquest. If not currently
                  participating in a gquest, this shows how many gquests
                  you are still eligible to win at your current level (up
                  to a maximum of three wins are available per level).

Gquest brief    : Shorter version of 'gquest check'.

Gquest complete : Completes the gquest and collects the reward when all
                  mobiles are collected.  Automated mob-only gquests will 
                  complete automatically if you kill the last mobile 
                  before any other participants.

Gquest progress : Shows the current gquest participants, their levels, and
                  number of mobiles remaining.  This is visible to anyone.

Gquest quit     : Removes you from the current global quest. You keep any 
                  QP rewards earned so far but will be unable to rejoin.
                  Quitting the game while on a global quest is the same
                  as doing a 'gquest quit'.

Note- Keep in mind that some skills/spells will not work as expected while
you are participating in a global quest.