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Last Updated  : 2017-08-10 09:31:14.
Those that carry the Helper flag are chosen from volunteers to assist new
players to Aardwolf.  They do various tasks such as retrieve corpses for
people that may have died in hard-to-reach areas or to aggressive mobs and
answer general questions.  Although they can't give out puzzle solutions or
take you to your quest target, they may give advice or directions to aid
reaching an area.

Helpers are here to aid new players in becoming self-reliant.  Thus, they
will often suggest hints or help files rather than giving a direct answer.
Do not ask for direct help on quests or to 'just tell me the answer'; this
is not their purpose and will not help you once you have left the Newbie
channel.  Asking for spellups on the newbietalk channel won't help, either;
anyone on this channel (that could give more than a few spells) is not
allowed to do so.

Similarly, if you have asked a Helper for assistance in corpse retrieval or
some other matter and they ask you to do something, they are trying to help
you; please don't be suspicious if they ask you to give them 'consent' to
grab your corpse, or the like. A helper's ultimate goal is to provide you 
with the tools to make you successful in your Aardwolf adventures.

Please be advised that all Helpers will start off at the Advisor level.
Use this opportunity to make sure that Helper is something that you want
to do and learn more about the Helper program. Once a player feels they
are ready to be more dedicated they should read the policies outlined in
'help helper policy'. If you agree and still want a Helper flag you should
post a note on Personal board to 'helper'.

See 'help advisor' for information on how to become an Advisor.