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This file details the commands and responsibilities of a Hold 'em Table Master. Normal player commands are listed in 'help poker commands'

Create - Syntax: poker create <buyin> [silent] [tourney [private]|[pot|fixed]] Creates a new game with you as a player and table master. It also sets appropriate buyin amounts for the game, in gold. The table charges you the max buyin upon game creation, so ensure you have sufficient gold before attempting this. Games can be created either as winner-take-all, no-limit tournament games which may be private, or as table-style games where players come and go at will with a choice of pot limits. For tournaments, the amount specified at creation is the amount required to join. For non-tournament games, it's the maximum buyin for the game and the minimum buyin is 20% of that. The 'silent' flag will suppress the pokerinfo announcement.

poker create 100000 A no-limit, non-tournament game with a maximum buyin of 100k gold, and a minimum buyin of 20k.
poker create 1000 fixed A fixed-limit, non-tournament game with a maximum buyin of 1000 gold, and a minimum buyin of 200 gold.
poker create 2000000 tourney private A private, no-limit tournament game with a 2M gold buyin where the table master must invite participants.
After creation, you can invite or reject players with these commands:

Invite - Syntax: poker invite <playername> Invites a player to a game. This need only be used in private games. This command will also accept a player's request to join your private tournament.
Decline - Syntax: poker decline <playername> Declines a player who has requested an invitation to your private game.
Uninvite - Syntax: poker uninvite <playername> Rescinds an invitation for a player to join your game.
Invited - Syntax: poker invited Lists pending invitations. NOTE: These players are also listed for the Table Master with the "poker who" command.
Requests - Syntax: poker requests Lists pending requests to join. NOTE: These players are also listed for the Table Master with the "poker who" command.
Note that in tournament games, all players must be added before any hands are dealt.

Some game information can also be adjusted prior to the first hand. The 'set' command allows you to silence the poker chat of all observers, adjust the number of rebuys allowed, and specify the hand at which rebuys no longer work, so if rebuyhands is 30, once hand 30 begins, rebuys no longer work.\\
Set - Syntax: poker set rebuy <number> (Tournament Only)
poker set rebuyhands <number> (Tournament Only)
poker set silence
poker set lock
poker set chiplimit (Non-Tournament Only)
poker set timer <seconds>

Rebuy - Sets the rebuys allowed (how many extra times a player may purchase chips to stay in the game) Default: 1 rebuy allowed

Rebuyhands - Sets the hand at which rebuys are no longer allowed. Default: Rebuys until hand 30

Silence - Toggles whether Observers' pchat will be seen by players within the game. Observers will always be able to chat with each other.

Lock - Toggles whether any new players or observers may join the game.

Chiplimit - Sets the maximum chips a player in a non-tourney game may acquire before their extra chips are automatically cashed-out. This amount must fall between 2x and 10x of the maximum buyin amount.

Timer - Sets the auto-break timer. Default: 30 seconds.

If at any time you wish to leave the game and leave another player in charge, or if you simply wish to transfer control of the game, use the 'promote' command to make them the Table Master. Be sure they know what they're doing as you will lose your power over the table.

Promote - Syntax: poker promote <playername> Promote another player in the game to Table Master. Using this relinquishes all powers as Table Master. Any Table Master who leaves the game without first promoting another player will automatically promote the next player in the seating list.

A Table Master can eject any player or observer from the game if necessary. This can only be done between hands.

Eject - Syntax: poker eject <playername>
Used to eject a disruptive observer or player. In tournament games this cannot be used on any player who still has chips. In non-tournament games, the ejected player will be cashed- out and removed.

Once you've set all your settings and have all the players desired, deal the first hand.

Deal - Syntax: poker deal Deal the next hand. Antes are taken automatically and cards are dealt to each player remaining in the game.

If a player wins on a folded hand, and the competing players are curious to see what cards WOULD have fallen for the flop, turn, and river, the Table Master may use the 'poolcards' command to list all the pool cards.

Poolcards - Syntax: poker poolcards Can only be used after a hand. Lists the flop, turn, and river cards, whether dealt or not, so players can determine what /MIGHT/ have happened. (Known as rabbit-chasing)

Regular gameplay commands are detailed in "HELP POKER COMMANDS"