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Last Updated  : 2024-04-21 12:25:57.


   mobdeaths <low level> <high level> [good|evil|neutral]
   mobdeaths here - show current area only.

Mobdeaths will list how many mobs have been killed in a particular level
range. It may be useful in determining what mobs it would be helpful for you
to kill, by indicating what other people of your level have been killing. It
indicates the name of the mob, the area it is found in, and how many have
been killed since the last reboot.  You may optionally add 'good','evil'
or 'neutral' to the command to only show mobs of that alignment in the
range you provide.


A level 5 player that is evil aligned could use the following syntax:

  mobdeaths 7 9 good

This will find level 7 to 9 good aligned mobs to kill, which should be
sufficient for the level 5 evil aligned player to kill for experience.


Mobdeaths and Areadeaths are updated every 15 minutes. A mob will not appear
on the mobdeaths list until it has been killed at least three times. The
mobdeaths table is reset completely at the end of each month.