Index N

NATURES TOUCH : A Ranger can heal HP with this spell
NEWWHERE : Tells helpers where new players are.
NEXUS : Opens a magical two-way portal between two places.
NONE : Vi4gr4 ch34p pi11s fr3e for you!
NONE : Too-low-level helpfile for Wiki password.
NUKE : The wrong way to lose a character.
NYDRAXUS : Bon vivant janitor of the Thieves' Guild.
Nanjiki Ruins : Information on the Nanjiki Ruins area.
Napalm : Provides response for V2 cskills w/o helpfile.
Nascaard : Aardwolf Racing League.
Navigate : Navigate your way back to a particular location.
Navigator : Information about the Navigator subclass.
Nebulous : Information on the Nebulous Horizon area.
Necrocide : Necromancers' ability to obliterate undead.
Necromancer : Information about the Necromancer subclass.
Necromancers Guild : The Necromancers' Guild area/goal information.
Necrotic Touch : Poison that eats away at physical resistances.
Negation : Gives the caster a chance to cancel magical affects
Nenukon : Information on the Nenukon area.
Nerve Shock : Send electricity surging through the foe's nervous syst
Neural Burn : Psychokinetically causes the enemy to burst into flame
Neural Overload : Causes the victim's brain to explode out of their ears
New Social : How to add a new social to the game.
NewGuide-Aylor : Newbie Guide information on the City of Aylor.
NewGuide-Classes : Newbie Guide information on Classes, Subclasses & Races
NewGuide-Communicati: Newbie Guide's info on basic channels and etiquette.
NewGuide-Definitions: Basic terms and definitions in our Newbie Guide.
NewGuide-Explore : Newbie Guide's information on how to get started explor
NewGuide-FAQ : Newbie Guide's frequently asked questions.
NewGuide-Goals : Newbie Guide's introduction to goals.
NewGuide-Help : Newbie Guide's information on how to find basic help.
NewGuide-Index : Newbie Guide's table of contents.
NewGuide-Leveling : Newbie Guide's leveling tips.
NewGuide-Links : Newbie Guide page of Aardwolf related links.
NewGuide-Quests : Newbie Guide's information on quest points.
NewGuide-Rules : Newbie Guide's intro to policies and conduct.
NewGuide-Stats : Newbie Guide's information on Stats, Armor, & Auctions.
Newbie Guide : Using the Aardwolf Tourist Guide.
Newbie-Aarditems : How to plan your Aarditem purchases.
Newbie-Achievements : A fun checklist to work on while playing Aardwolf!
Newbie-Campaign : How to quickly find your campaign mob.
Newbie-Container : Where to find drink and object containers.
Newbie-Curse :
Newbie-Death : Performing your solo corpse retrieval.
Newbie-Detects :
Newbie-Drag : What to do when you reach level 186.
Newbie-Equipment : Tips for wearing or finding equipment.
Newbie-Exits : Using closed/locked doors, in-room portals, custom exit
Newbie-Goals : Tips for the novice goal solver.
Newbie-Heal : How to find the correct heal spell for a level range.
Newbie-Manors : How to find a spot for a manor and post the upgrade.
Newbie-Multiclass : Tips for entering the realm of the multiclass player.
Newbie-Planes : Navigating the Upper and Lower Planes.
Newbie-Portals : Learn how to use portals.
Newbie-Potions : What potions you may need and how to find them.
Newbie-Quest : How to quest efficiently!
Newbie-Restring : Steps to redesigning one of your prized objects.
Newbie-Stats : Stats simplified.
Newbie-Thirst : The quick fix for thirst and hunger issues.
Newbie-Triviaportal : How to purchase your first trivia portal.
Newbie-Videos : Provides a list of video tutorials for new players
Newbie-Weapons : Ways to modify your Aardweapons.
Newbietalk : Where fledgling players get their questions answered.
Newhelp : New Player welcome information.
Newprompt : Information on the new prompt system (May 2001).
Newsaves : Information on the new 'Saves' method.
Night Vision : Enables the spellcaster to detect life in the dark.
Nightmare Touch : A psi can cast a victim into their own worst nightmares
Nimble Cunning : Make yourself even more dextrous.
Ninja : Information about the Ninja subclass.
Nocancel : Toggles whether or not other players may cancel you.
Nocskill : Provides response if no help file exists for V2 skill.
Nocurse : Toggle curse channel warnings and socials.
Nodeliver : Stop unwanted deliveries.
Noexp : Prevents a character from gaining experience.
Nofail : Special abilities with different effectiveness.
Nofollow : Prevents other people from following you.
Nofriends : Config option to auto-reject all friend requests.
Nogive : Prevent mobs from giving you things.
Nograce : Toggles grace period after PK death.
Nogroup : Information on the 'nogroup' config option.
Noheal : Toggle showing heal amounts after heals.
Nohelp : Supress additional help messages in most commands.
Noinfo : This will turn toggle certain game messages.
Noloot : Protects your corpse from looting by others.
None : Redirect for possible options for 'help amazon'
None : Basic how-to help during character creation
Nonightvision : Toggle whether or not you use night vision.
Noobjlevels : Toggle display of object levels on your equipment.
Nopage : Prevents your character from receiving pages.
Nopassdoor : Stops the ability of the permanent pass door wish.
Nopeek : Toggles automatic use of the 'peek' skill
Nopk : Requirements for NOPK clans.
Noprefix : Easily identify players' descriptions.
Nopretitles : Toggles whether or not you will see character pretitles
Noprivacy : Toggle your visibility with the privacy wish.
Northstar : Information on the Northstar area.
Nospam : Reduce extraneous combat messages.
Nostatus : Add/remove display of general mob health in combat.
Nosummon : Prevents you from being the target of summon/gate.
Note Editor : Commands to use while in the note editor.
Note Reading : How to read Aardwolf's note (forum) system.
Note Writing : How to post notes on Aardwolf's forums.
Notes : How to read Aardwolf's note (forum) system.
Notify : Turns on and off login notifications.
Notitle : Toggle player titles in room descriptions.
Nottingham : Information on the area Nottingham.
Nov2skill : Provides response for V2 cskills w/o helpfile.
Nova : Calls forth the cosmic energy of the stars onto the ene
Nowar : Will turn the warfare channel off and on.
Nowarinfo : Tweaks display of 'warinfo' win information
Noweather : Turns off weather messages.
Nyne Woods : Information on the Nyne Woods area.
newbieclan : Commonly asked questions about joining a clan
newtester : Process for bringing changes to the MUD.
newthalos : Information on the New Thalos area.
nohelpareas : Areas without helpfiles
nuked : Read this only if you dare...\\