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Aardwolf Newbie Guide: Goals

Aardwolf's goal system is a unique, task-based interface that allows
interested players to engage further in an area's theme. Goals function as 
special unlockable stories for each area; each providing a singular level 
of challenge, story, and reward. A goal will often involve things like puzzle
solving, interaction with the area's descriptions, talking and listening to 
mobs, killing mobs, finding an item, etc. Each goal varies in its
difficulty, and some are intended to be much harder and take much longer
to solve than others.

Some important notes about goals:
'help goals' - More detailed information about goals.
'help newbie-goals' - An intro to goal solving.
'help goal solving' - Tips on how to solve more difficult tasks.
'help tasks' - Explains the benefits of the 'tasks' command.
'tasks here' - Lists all your open tasks within your current area.
'tasks' - A command that will list all currently opened tasks.
'goals <keyword>' - A list of tasks for your current area, if keyword is exact.
'goals' - A list of all the goals (Can you unlock the hidden ones?)
'faster/slower' - Will speedup or slowdown the output of text.

Goals are not mandatory: No goal is foundational to your success or
failure in Aardwolf; though some goal rewards are worth the requisite effort.
If frustrated with a goal, sometimes the best solution is to take a break and
come back to it later; the task hinting system should facilitate this. Note 
that there is no way to clear a goal's progress and restart it.