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Help Category : Communication.
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Last Updated  : 2017-07-24 20:58:49.
If you are confused on what to do as a new player, see 'help newhelp'.

The newbie channel is the first channel available to new players.  It is
available to all players in their first mort until superhero and under 300
hours. This should be the first place to ask MUD-related questions.  
Immortals, Helpers (see 'help helper'), and Advisors ('help advisor'), as 
well as other new players, all watch this channel and try to respond to 
questions and offer assistance as needed.

Please use this channel instead of asking Helpers/Advisors or immortals
questions in tells- you will have a much quicker response when everyone can
see your question, and may be asking the same question another player has
but hasn't asked yet.

Once you lose access to newbietalk, you will still have access to the 
Question & Answer channel, where all available players may offer their 

'Gossip' will redirect to newbietalk until level 5, when a player can use
the gossip channel (see 'help gossip').  'nb' is also a shortcut for the
newbie channel- 'newbie Hi' and 'nb Hi' will have the same result.

See 'help channels' for a list of functions that can be used on this