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Aardwolf Newbie Guide: Quests

Quest points are VERY important on Aardwolf. We recommend you quest as
often as you can, to save up for Quest Items, typically the most powerful
items in the game ('help quest items'). To help you get a better idea of
how useful these items are, we have an 'AardGear Official TextBook' in
our Aylorian Library ('runto library' from recall) or check out 'help 
newbie-aarditems' After a few pieces of Aardgear, it's worth taking a 
look at the 'wish list' (see 'help wish').

Quests: Quests are given upon player request by a Questor. There are
   many located throughout the lands of Aardwolf, but Aylor has a public
   one for your convenience located 8 south of recall (or, from recall,
   try 'runto quest'). Quests require you to track down and slay a single
   target. The Questor will identify the target, in which room and area
   the target is located, and the time remaining to slay the target.
   Successful completion of the quest yields quest points and gold (see
   'help quests').

Campaigns: Similar to quests, but you have multiple targets in multiple
   areas. Campaigns are given to you from the Campaign Master, Commander
   Barcett (from recall, 'runto campaign') or from any Questor. 
   Commander Barcett will identify the target, which room OR which area the
   target is located and the time remaining you have to slay your targets.
   During your very first remort you will only receive area name targets. 
   After that, it becomes much harder, but there are several area maps 
   available on our Wiki - 
   (see 'help newbie-campaign', 'help campaigns' and 'help hunt trick').

Global Quests: Similar to Campaigns, however they are competitions of
   speed between players within a specific level range. You may join a
   global quest that is announced in your level range by typing 'gq join'
   (see 'help global quests'). You may wish to build your confidence level
   by first joining the global quests that are only available to those
   players with 10 wins or less, then next move on to the ones that are
   available to t0s only, then finally move on to the global quests that
   are open to the entire community. Keep in mind, however, each target
   that you kill in a global quest will earn you 3 quest points, so even
   if you don't win, you are still engaging in a useful activity while
   waiting for your quest timer to count back down to zero!

Wishes: Wishes are special abilities for experienced Aardwolf players
   that, because of their high cost, are considered luxury items.