Note Writing

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Last Updated  : 2024-05-20 10:03:58.
This help file explains how to write a note. For ways to sort and read
notes, please see 'help note'.


note write ([list])          Posts a note, automatically setting
                             To: field to list if present.
note reply                   Reply to latest note marked read.
note reply <number>          Reply to specific note.
note remove <number>         Removes a note written by you.
note forward <num> <list>    Forward a note to others.
note repost <num> <board>    Reposts your note to a different board.

To post a message on Aardwolf's forum system, simply select the board you
want (for example, type board personal), then type 'note write'. You will
be set AFK and put into 'note mode'. You will be prompted for the target(s)
and subject of your note and then placed in the note editor.

Write your note line by line and then type end on a blank line to
choose to view, discard, or finalize and post your note.  (You may also
use shortcut commands while in the note editor- see 'help note editor'.)

You can automatically set the To: field by including it in the 'note write'
command- for example, 'note write Bob' will set the To: field to Bob and
only prompt you for the subject before entering text.

There are several special 'to groups' that you can write to:

imm     : Writes a note to all imms.
helper  : Writes a note to all helpers (and imms).
advisor : Writes a note to all advisors (and imms).
leaders : Writes a note to ALL clan leaders- NOT just your clan's.

You can also use a clan's name to write to all members of that clan.

If you want to respond to a note written by yourself or someone else, use
'note reply <number>' to reply to a specific note, or simply 'note reply'
to reply to the last note marked read on the current board. This will set
the subject and other header information automatically, going directly into
the note editor.  It will also include the note referenced in the note body
and add it to the note thread (see 'help note' for information on threads).

To send a note you've written to another player/group, use 'note forward
<number> <target>'.  To remove a note you've written, use 'note remove
<number>'.  You may also move a note (if you post it on the wrong board)
by using 'note repost <number> <board>'.  This will make an exact copy of
the original note on the new board and remove the original note.

You will be automatically put AFK while writing a note and 'who', 'finger',
and some other commands will show you are in note mode. Although you are
AFK, your character can still be interacted with by other mobiles and
players.  You may also want to turn off triggers while in note mode, or
they will post into the note. Additionally, be conscious of color bleeds.