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Aardwolf Newbie Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don't know how to answer a Quiz question in the Academy.

  Each classroom has its own blackboard with the tools you'll need to answer
all of your quiz questions. For those tools, type 'look blackboard' in the
appropriate room. If you need a reminder outside of the Academy, you can
always refer back to 'help academy-index'.

2. I've died and I need help getting my corpse back!

  If you died due to the mob just being too strong, however you initiated
the combat, you can simply run back to the room you died in and type 'get
all corpse'. IMPORTANT: If your corpse doesn't immediately dissolve
afterward, there are still items in your corpse, you may need 'detect
invis'. If a mob attacked you on entry, an aggressive mob, you can
ask for help. The newbie channel is the best place for all questions in
your first 200 levels, including corpse retrievals (CR) (see 'help CR').

3. I don't like the way I trained my stats, how can I fix this?

  You are allowed 1 free rebuild, once per tier. It is wise to read the
appropriate help files before making your final decision. Consider the
importance of your primary classes primary and secondary stat(s) (see 'help

4. I wish I had picked a different race, how do I change it?

  In order to change your race, you have to use the rebuild command, see the
response from above. Keep in mind if you're still a new player, it would be
wise to consider the 'recreate' command. IMPORTANT: You will lose everything
but your name, you're essentially deleting your player and there is no way
to undo this. Consider what you have invested.

5. I want to try another primary class! Help me!

  You have 1 free 'classchange' available to you, all other classchanges
require a fee. When you tier, you essentially get a free classchange, so
you're not completely stuck. Anticipate which subclass you'll want to choose
when using this command. Also refer to 'recreate' from above (see 'help
classchange'). Additionally you can subclass change, but more freely while
in development (see 'help subclass change').

6. I'm interested in clan life, how do I join a clan?

  Joining a clan won't be possible at the very beginning of your adventures
on Aardwolf. To get a better understanding of what a clan is all about, the
different types of clans available, and your options available, the best
place to start is taking a look at 'help newbieclan'.