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Last Updated  : 2017-06-16 13:18:41.
Aardwolf Newbie Guide: Communication & Channels

There are many forms of communication on Aardwolf, such as its note system.
For a list of all the forums available, type 'forum'. The most 
important forums available to you are Announce, Mudinfo, and 
Personal. Announce has all important updates and policy changes, 
Mudinfo is for other game information such as contests or other minor 
changes, and Personal is used to contact imms, other players, or clans. Use
'note write' to start a note (see 'help note writing').

Additionally, there are several channels available. For a quick list of 
channels, type 'channels'. Some extremely useful channels for new 
players include: 'newbie', 'barter' for buying things, and 
'tech' for technical questions. It is strongly advised that you utilize
other resources (such as the MUD's helpfiles) before asking on a channel. 
Please read 'help channels' and 'help channel rules' for specific 
channel rules and information.

Most channels should be kept as close to topic as possible.  A few channels
are specifically designed as catch-all channels where any sort of 
discussion is possible- these include 'gossip' for clean conversation 
and 'curse' for a more vulgar alternative.

As outlined in 'help rules', Aardwolf is an English-speaking mud. We 
respect and understand if you are an "English as a second language" player.
We are always pleased and impressed by people who make an honest effort to 
play in a language that is not their own. However, 7ee+ speak (aka 
Leetspeak) and blatant disregard for proper punctuation, grammar and 
capitalization may cause your channel communications to be ignored. Being a
text MUD, we have visually impaired players using screen readers (see 
'help VI') and many other players who lose respect for those who do not
respect the language.