Necrotic Touch

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Syntax:  necrotic (<target>)

A venomist can mix together a concoction of the deathshade plant and other
dangerous ingredients into a mix that can be disastrous for its intended
victim.  This toxin will slowly eat away at its targets' muscles and
immune system, rendering the target more and more frail and susceptible to
other poisons, until it is finally flushed from the body.

This skill will deal a small amount of damage to the target, but the main
effect is a toxic poison that reduces the target's resistance to poison and
the venomist's primary weapon damage type.  This effect increases over time
until the poison is cured (see below) or the affect expires naturally. 
There is no lag when using this skill, but it does have a recovery timer
(shorter on failure vs. success).

The venomist's Strength, Dexterity, and Luck and the target's Dexterity, 
Constitution, and Luck, combined with other factors (see 'help newsaves')
determine the strength of the skill.  This strength is visible in the
affects listing for the skill and affects the rate the resistance penalty

Normal cures will not work on this poison.  Venomists may dilute the poison
with poultices, reducing the percent decay and effective level.  Reducing
either of these to 0 or less will completely cure the poison.

Spell available only to the Venomist Thief subclass.

Primary Stats:
   Attacker - Strength, Dexterity and Luck.
   Victim   - Dexterity, Constitution and Luck.