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Last Updated  : 2010-07-23 02:03:24.
Clans that do not want to take part in PK in any form whatsoever can
choose to have the NOPK flag.

Clans that do this may keep their morgues etc, but their clan areas
have to be open to the public. The following is a list of restrictions
and requirements to be a NOPK clan:

1. You cannot PK or be PKed.
2. You cannot take part in clan wars.
3. You cannot raid or defend other clans.
4. Your clan hall must be easily reachable at any level.
5. Your clan will no longer have a jail.
6. You ARE allowed private rooms (as many as you like) but there can
   be nothing of benefit in your private rooms that is not also
   available in your public rooms. This includes area exits, heal rate,
   shops, furniture, etc. This does not include your clan morgue or
   clan death recall, as they wouldn't be beneficial to the public.

Once a clan takes the NOPK flag, it cannot be reversed for at least 6
months. No cost is involved.

At the time of writing, no reduction in stats allowed on clan objects
is planned for NOPK clans, however, these clans have a large advantage
in not having to finance clan mazes and guards. We reserve the right to
allow additional points on equipment for the full clans in future
that will not be available to nopk clans.

The following changes are required (and must be paid for) by a closed
clan choosing the no-pk option:

First, your clan will have to pay for the removal of all flags on rooms
& objects that violate the rules for a no-pk clan.  These include clanonly
(on objects), prison/no-recall/pk/etc. on rooms.

Your maze will be blocked off from use.  The rooms will be flagged "Free
room, Paid For".  You will not need to pay again to use these rooms 
(but you will have to pay for flag removal).  The mobs/objs in the maze
will be flagged "Free item/mob not paid for" and you will have to pay for
any future use of these.

You will need to pay for the removal of any guards within your shops, and
the removal of exits to your clan maze/buffer room.

If, in the event you want closed rooms not accessible to the public, you
will have to ensure those closed rooms contain nothing that your open
rooms do not, right down to fountains, mobs, etc.  These closed rooms can
be blocked from the public halls with a closed, locked door, unlocked by
your clan trans.