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Aardwolf Newbie Guide: Links

The following is a list of a few webpages worth mentioning, that can be
very resourceful, fun and worth checking out. For a bigger list of URL's
related to Aardwolf, see 'help www'. - The Aardwolf Home Page
Aardwolf's home base, complete with an option to download a free version
of Mushclient specifically designed for Aardwolf. For a screen shot see: - Our Player-maintained Wiki
Your one stop for everything you need to know about Aardwolf. Links to
area maps along with key information about every area. Information about
general basics such as stats, enchanting, links on how to find the best
equipment available, player profiles, information on each clan and much
more. All updated and maintained by you, the players. Since maps are of
top priority for many newbies, here is the link straight to the area index: - The Aardwolf Player Picture Archive
Just a fun webpage to see a little about the actual people behind the
player names. There are some great group photo shots and even some wedding
pictures of couples who originally met on Aardwolf. - Aardwolf Fan Page on Facebook
If you enjoy Aardwolf enough and/or want to join our group of addicts,
feel free to 'Like' us. Lasher keeps this updated with all the changes on
Aardwolf immediately after a reboot (upgrades/fixes). Occasionally he'll
even throw out some insider information, ask for input on a question
regarding a new idea, or link to a snapshot of something he's working on.