Help Keywords : Necrocide.
Help Category : Attack Spell.
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Last Updated  : 2021-03-06 19:33:17.

Syntax: cast necrocide <target>
Damage: Varies (see below).
Spell Number: 539

Through their dealings with the dead, an experienced necromancer becomes
well-practiced in dispatching the undead. This spell, when used against 
undead targets, including both monsters and players of vampire race, will 
deal damage to the target based upon its weakest resistance.

This means that not only will it deal more damage, but the chance to
successfully save for less damage is also decreased. The mastery used
will be the higher value of the player's mastery in the damage type 
selected or negative.

If the target is not undead, Necrocide will revert to a regular spell that
does negative damage type and is roughly equivalent to the mage spell

Spell available only to the Necromancer Psionicist Subclass.

Primary stat: Wisdom, Intelligence
Affected by: Luck, Tier of caster.