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Adding a new social to the game costs 3 trivia points.

There are seven strings for a social*, along with the creator's name.  In
order, they are:

1. What you see when you give no argument.
2. What other people see when you give no argument.
3. What you see when you DO give an argument.
4. What others see when you DO give an argument.
5. What your target sees.
6. What you see when you use 'self'.
7. What others see when you use 'self'.

In each argument, special variables are used to return proper names and
gender-specific pronouns in socials.  The codes to use are:

   $n - Character using the social   $N - Target of the social
   $o - $n (possessive)              $O - $N (possessive)
   $e - He/she/they/it for $n        $E - He/she/they/it for $N
   $f - He/she/they/it (capitalized) $F - He/she/they/it (capitalized)
   $s - His/her/they/its for $n      $S - His/her/they/its for $N
   $m - Him/her/they/it for $n       $M - Him/her/they/it for $N
   $d - Deity of $n                  $D - Deity of $N
   $g - Deity of $n (possessive)     $G - Deity of $N (possessive)

Possessive variables will display the string with 's or just an apostrophe
as appropriate.

An example request:

Social name: crylikebaby
  1 - You start bawling your eyes out.
  2 - $n erupts into tears.
  3 - You cry on $O shoulder.  Why, $d, why?!
  4 - $n sobs into $O shoulder.
  5 - $n drenches you with $s tears.  $f's heartbroken!
  6 - You sob pitifully in the corner.
  7 - $n turns on the waterworks, drenching $s clothing.

If Lasher used the social on Nubbins, the following would be seen:
Lasher: You cry on Nubbins' shoulder.  Why, Ivar, Why?!
Others: Lasher sobs into Nubbins' shoulder.
Nubbins: Lasher drenches you with his tears.  He's heartbroken!

* Socials may be a maximum of 80 characters per line, including character 
names ($n, $N, etc) and color codes. In addition, there is a max of 
three variables allowed per social line. Anonymous socials (which do 
not display your name when used on another person) are no longer allowed.

Additionally, reverse socials, or socials where the target appears to be
performing the action described in the social, are no longer allowed.

Socials that contain a player name require the target player's permission.
Socials that contain a clan name/logo require majority of the leaders from
the target clan's approval.

Socials will show up in the channel's default color until another color
code is used.  There is no way to return to the default channel color.
Remember to use @w to prevent color bleed if using color codes in your

Please post requests for new socials to 'imm' on the Upgrades board. List
each argument in the order given and using the necessary codes so that
it can be easily cut/pasted.