Index E

ECHO : Sends your command back to you.
ECTOPLASMIC FORM : Enables caster to pass through (some) closed doors.
EGO WHIP : Severely reduces the confidence the target.
ELDAR : Information on the Eldar race.
ELF : Information about the Elf race.
ENERGY CONTAINMENT : Absorb various forms of magical energy.
ENERGY SHIELD : Grants target resistance to explosive energy.
ENRAGE : Break open a can of whoop-a** on an opponent.
EQ-Affects : Clan Equipment: Affects
EQ-Armor : Clan Equipment: Armor (Type)
EQ-Armorbase : Clan Equipment: Armor Base Points
EQ-Boats : Clan Equipment: Boats
EQ-Campfires : Clan Equipment: Campfires
EQ-Containers : Clan Equipment: Containers
EQ-Costinshop : Clan Equipment: Cost In Shop Table
EQ-Drinkcontainers : Clan Equipment: Drink Containers
EQ-Dual : Clan Equipment: Dual Wear Limits
EQ-Extrastat : Clan Equipment: Closed Clan Extra Stat
EQ-Flags : Clan Equipment: Flag Costs
EQ-Food : Clan Equipment: Food
EQ-Fountains : Clan Equipment: Fountains
EQ-Furniture : Clan Equipment: Furniture
EQ-Illegalspells : Clan Equipment: Illegal Spells
EQ-Index : Help Index for the Clan Equipment Files
EQ-Info : Clan Equipment: General Information
EQ-Lights : Clan Equipment: Lights
EQ-Liquids : Clan Equipment: Liquid Types
EQ-Negatives : Clan Equipment: Negative Affects
EQ-Pills : Clan Equipment: Pills
EQ-Portals : Clan Equipment: Portals
EQ-Potions : Clan Equipment: Potions
EQ-Publicequip : Clan Equipment: Public Hall Equipment
EQ-Scrolls : Clan Equipment: Scrolls
EQ-Single : Clan Equipment: Single Wear Limits
EQ-Staves : Clan Equipment: Staves
EQ-Strings : Guide to understanding the different types of descripti
EQ-Tier : Clan Equipment: Tier EQ Rules
EQ-Treasure : Clan Equipment: Treasure
EQ-Types : Clan Equipment: Object Types Index
EQ-Wands : Clan Equipment: Wands
EQ-Weapondice : Clan Equipment: Weapons - Dice
EQ-Weaponextra : Clan Equipment: Weapons - Extra Information
EQ-Weapons : Clan Equipment: Weapons
EVOKER : Information about the Evoker subclass.
EXPLORED : Shows how much of Aardwolf you have explored.
Earth Lords : Information on the Earth Lords area
Earth Maw : Imbues the Earth with the ability to harm an enemy.
Earth Shroud : Constricts the foe in a shroud of Earth.
Earthen Hammer : Summon a wave of earth to smash enemies.
Earthquake : Uses the power of nature to damage all in the room.
Eat : Eat, drink, and be merry!
Echocommands : Information about the 'echocommands' config option.
Echodeaths : Hear the cries of the fallen.
Ego Boost : Restore the confidence of an ego-whip victim.
Elemental Chaos : Information on the area Elemental Chaos.
Elemental Focus : Bring yourself into harmony with the elements.
Elemental Ward : Protect yourself from elemental damage.
Elementalist : Information about the Elementalist subclass.
Email : Sets email/location fields in finger.
Emerald : Information about the Emerald clan.
Emote : Used to express emotions or actions.
Empath : Information about the Empath subclass.
Empyrean, Streets of: Information on the area Empyrean, Streets of Downfall.
Enchant Armor : Magically enhance armor in your possession.
Enchant Weapon : Magically enhance a weapon in your possession.
EnchantBot : Policy/Elaboration on enchantment botting.
Enchanter : Information about the Enchanter subclass.
Enchanters Focus : Enchanter spell helping improve some enchantments.
Enchantments : Information about Enchantments.
Energy Ball : Magically enhances a ranger's toughness.
Engulf : Calls forth the Fire of Hades to punish the enemy.
Enhanced Backstab : Enhanced Backstab
Enhanced Damage : Highly skilled fighters can do additional damage.
Enhanced Strength : Psionicist spell giving a temporary strength boost.
Enlightenment : Grants the target divine wisdom.
Enter : Command used to enter magical teleporters.
Entrance to Hades : Information on the Entrance to Hades area.
Entrap : Bandit ability to create an ambush point.
Envenom : Coats a weapon with deadly venom.
Epic : A high level area where a group of players is required.
Eq-Clanremove : Policy regarding removal of clan equipment.
Eqsearch : Finds available equipment for your level.
Equipment : Displays all (visible) objects a character is wearing.
Equipment_Capacity : Equipment Capacity
Eruption : Causes the Earth to split asunder and assail the foe.
Eternal Autumn : Information on the area Eternal Autumn.
Everything : Information on everything.
Evict : Forces a person to leave your manor.
Exits : Shows room names of adjacent locations.
Exlist : Lists linked rooms in current area.
Exorcise : Smites the enemy with the power of the gods.
Exotic : Weapons of unusual function, and how to use them.
Experience : Information about gaining experience on Aardwolf.
Exprate : Combine displayed bonuses of exprate wish.
Extension : Information about the clanskill 'Extension'
Extinguish : Strikes the enemy with Holy Water.
Eye of Discovery : Find yet-unseen locations.
Eye of Passage : Divine details about locks.
Eye of Warning : Spot stealthy characters.