Help Keywords : Emote.
Help Category : Communication.
Related Helps : Shelp, Socials, Smote.
Last Updated  : 2017-08-08 22:51:34.

Syntax: emote <action>

Emote is used to express emotions or actions. It places your name at the
beginning of a self-created action, based upon what you type in after the

For example, 'emote has updated all of the help files on Aardwolf' will 
show to the room as 'Lasher has updated all of the help files on Aardwolf'.

Emotes are limited to the room you are in, and will substitute your name 
for the word 'Emote' when it is displayed to others. Emote is useful for 
doing things not covered by the more conventional socials.  To create an
emote with your name somewhere other than the beginning of the emote, use
'smote' (see 'help smote').

Emotes may also be used on channels.  Use the colon (:) symbol to do 
this.  For example, 'gossip :has once again updated all of the help files
on Aardwolf.' would be seen as (Gossip) Lasher has once again updated
all of the help files on Aardwolf.

There are also many 'built-in' social commands, a list of which can be 
obtained by typing 'socials'.  These socials may override in-game commands 
by adding a * to the front- for example, typing 'nod' will toggle 
nodelivery, but typing '*nod' will show the nod social. To use a social
on a channel, it is necessary to use the * ('help socials').

Proper use of emotes, socials and smotes can transform a character from 
ordinary to distinctly... quirky.