Entrance To Hades

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The Underworld is the kingdom of the dead, ruled by Hades, the Lord of the
Underworld. Life in the underworld is not pleasant. Like a miserable dream,
it is a place of shadows with little hope or joy.

From the entrance of Hade's domain , you may cross the river Archeron, but
the only way to cross is to pay Cheron, the ferryman, to ferry you.  Once
across the river, the gates are guarded by Cereberus, a three-headed beast
who prevents anyone from escaping.

You find yourself standing at an entrance to Hades, but you are unable 
to enter. It would take your death or the will of a god to grant you 
entrance into Hades, and you are unprepared for either option. Suddenly 
you hear a moan nearby, and upon investigating find a wounded warrior. 
He beseeches you for help. Will you be daunted by his request or will 
you journey into the depths of the Underworld?

Level Range         : 190 to 201
Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
Goal Converter      : Domain 
Area Author         : Drakus

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