Eternal Autumn

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Far to the west, past the domain of men, a deep and permanent autumn has 
settled on the land.  The trees stand half-dead and barren, hostage to the
constant chill in the air.  Streams and creeks flow slowly, their water-
ways clogged with leaves.   The inhabitants of the land wait, and hope,
for a new beginning - a new summer.  But year after year, this summer has 
not come.  Though the landscape blazes with autumn red, orange, and gold,
these vibrant colours betray the desolation within.  Under the beauty is a
sickness which threatens to bring the lands into ruin.  There are whispers
that the fallen lord Fetch, an ancient sorcerer, is the source of the 
unholy blight, his corrupt magic choking the last vestiges of life from
the earth.

Level Range         : 170 - 200
Goal Difficulty     : Medium
Goal Recommended at : Level 185
Goal Converter      : Domain
Area Author         : Tir

Area added June 5, 2007.

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