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Eldars are an ancient magical group that originally consisted of other
races. In times of old the most intelligent of each race applied to
the Eldar council for membership and were put through extensive mental
training in order to develop their abilities as masters of spellcraft.
Over the years the Eldars have adopted a standard form similar to that
of the elf. Eldars have superior intelligence over all races but make
poor fighters. An Eldar's intuition enables them to know the background
and history of any equipment they find, regardless of which profession
they choose. They are fragile and less resistant to disease, poison,
and slashing attacks, but have an innate resistance to all magical damage.

                         STR  INT  WIS  DEX  CON LUCK
Eldar Starting Stats   :  11   15   15   12   12   11
Training Costs         :   0   -1   -1    0    0   +1

Permanent Affects      : None.
Permanent Skills       : Lore [Any room type, No move cost].
                         Meditation [When in a class that has Meditation].

NOTE: Stats are very important on Aardwolf. See 'help train' and 'help
      raceinfo' for information on max stats and the training costs.