Enchanters Focus

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Last Updated  : 2017-08-09 09:47:09.

Syntax: cast 'enchanters focus'
Spell Number: 575

A member of the enchanter subclass is able to increase their concentration 
while performing some types of enchantment. While their enchantment is more 
focused, the caster may be unsatisfied with the results of solidifying, 
resonating or illuminating a piece of equipment and automatically choose 
not to set the hum, glow or invisible flags. This effectively allows them 
to try again.

This spell will also add a small amount of intelligence, wisdom and luck 
to the caster, further increasing their ability to enchant.

Note that this spell does not affect other types of enchantment with more 
cumulative results, and has no affect on items that cannot receive bonus 
stats such as keys and trivia portals.

This spell uses the Augmentation recovery, with the time determined by the 
caster's intelligence and wisdom.

Spell available only to the Enchanter Mage Subclass.

Primary Stat: Wisdom, Intelligence.