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Help Category : Survival.
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Last Updated  : 2017-08-07 19:18:17.

Syntax: drink (<object>)
        gulp (<object>)
        eat <object>

Being hungry and thirsty will not kill you, but you will find yourself
healing at a much slower rate, even while sleeping.  To fix this, 'eat' or
'drink' something.

You can eat anything marked as type 'food', whether it's food from a 
merchant (like the Eatery in Aylor, 'runto bakery'), or carried on 
other monsters.

You can drink from a drink container like a waterskin (available from the
grocer in Aylor, 'runto groceries'), or from an in-room drink source like the
fountain in the Academy Courtyard (from recall, 'run u3n').  Some 
liquids (like milk and orange juice) will help both hunger and thirst; a 
few (like salt water) may actually decrease fullness.

Fullness is listed in 'score' and also available in a compact form by 
using the command 'hunger'.  You can never be more than 100% full; 
also, eating is not possible when over 90% full, though it is possible to 
drink when hydrated.  

Note:  Potions are not considered drinks for purposes of thirst, but pills
are affected by your (in)ability to eat because of fullness.

If you are particularly thirsty, you can 'gulp' rather than 'drink'.
This will drink until one of the following conditions occur:

       - Your drink container becomes empty.
       - You become drunk.
       - Your thirst is quenched.
       - You become full.

After any of these conditions are met, 'gulp' acts the same as 'drink'.