Eye Of Discovery

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Syntax: cast 'eye of discovery' <target>
Spell Number: 543

Oracles have the ability to peer into the history of another character and
see where they have been. Combined with their detailed knowledge of the
realm of Andolor, this allows the Oracle to show a player a glimpse of
somewhere they have yet to discover.

The eye of discovery can be cast on the Oracle or another target, and will
show them a previously unexplored room. It does not consider that room
explored; the target will still have to visit the room. 

When cast on self, the room will be an unexplored room in the current
area. When cast on others, the room shown will be a random unexplored room
from anywhere in the game.

Increased wisdom will reduce the recovery time on this spell.

Spell available only to the Oracle Cleric Subclass.