Index A

A Genie's Last Wish : Information on the Genie's Last Wish Area.
A Magical Hodgepodge : Information on the area A Magical Hodgepodge.
Aardslots : Everything you need to know to play AardSlots.
Auctioneer : Help wishname redirects to help wish.
Aarchaeology : Description of the Aarchaeology game.
Aarchaeology-relics : Description of the Aarchaeology game with relics.
Aarchaeology-rewards: Description of the Aarchaeology game rewards.
AardLetterHunt : Rules and scoring for AardLetterHunt.
AardWords : Description of the AardWords game.
AardWords-bonuslist : Description of the AardWords game. (Bonus words).
AardWords-clans : Description of the AardWords game for clans.
Aard Poker : The AardPoker Card Game.
Aardestates 2000 : Largest Estate area in Aardwolf
Aardington Estate : Information about the area 'Aardington Estate'.
Aardwolf : Brief introduction to Aardwolf MUD.
Aardwolf Estates : Oldest of three manor areas.
Aardwolf Zoo : Information on the area Aardwolf Zoological Park.
Abomination : Causes the enemy to face the Reaper.
Absorb : Defensive spell absorbing some magical attacks.
Academy : Overview of the Aylorian Academy Lesson Commands
Academy-Basic : Basic Training Lessons
Academy-Career : Lessons Learned in Academy Lesson Career
Academy-Combat : Help Lessons from the Combat Academy Training
Academy-Comm : Lessons Learned in Academy Lesson Communications
Academy-Custom : Lessons Learned in Academy Lesson Custom
Academy-Economics : Lessons Learned in Academy Class Economics
Academy-Equip : Lessons Learned in Academy Class Equip
Academy-FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions about the Academy
Academy-Geography : Lessons Learned in Academy Lesson Geography
Academy-Health : Lessons learned in the Academy Health Lesson
Academy-Index : Index of Helpfiles related to Academy
Academy-Skills : Help on the Skills Lessons in the Academy
Academy-Social : Lessons Learned in Academy Lesson Social
Academyhint : How to find the answer you seek (this isn't it!)
Accelerate : The psionicist's ability to move at great speed.
Acid Blast : Blasts a stream of acid toward its target.
Acid Stream : Blasts multiple streams of acid toward its victim.
Acid Wave : Summon the damage of a mighty black dragon.
Acidic Touch : Burning hands of acid with which to strike an enemy.
Acidproof : Grants resistance to acid based attacks.
Activities : What to do if you are bored!
Adaldar : Information on the area Battlefield of Adaldar.
Address : Testport address infoxx
Adrenaline Control : Used to control adrenaline release during combat.
Advisor : Helpers Lite- now with half the duties and perks!
Advisor Policy : Guidelines for helpers/advisors to follow.
Advisor Sponsors : Find your sponsor and start a new life on Aardwolf!
Aerial City of Cineko : Information on the Aerial City of Cineko area.
Affects : Displays spells and affects currently active on you.
Afk : Informs other players you are 'away from keyboard'.
Afkmsg : Sets a message for people to see when you're afk.
Aflags : Display current game affects.
Afterglow : Information about the area, 'Afterglow.'
Age : Displays the age of your character.
Agitation : Used by psionicists to agitate their victims.
Agroth : Information on the area The Marshlands of Agroth.
Aid : Temporarily increases maximum hit points.
Aiighialla : Information on the area Empire of the Aiighialla.
Aim : The ability to switch targets mid-fight.
Air Skewer : Sharp wind gusts impale Elementalist opponents.
Air dart : Compress air into a painful attack on a foe.
Alcohol : The Juice of Life.
Alias : Allows a longer string into a single word.
Alignment : Your moral compass- are you kind or cruel?
All Cure Spells : Reference for cure spells.
All in a Fayke Day : Information on the area All in a Fayke Day.
Allspells : Shows all abilities a class/subclass will gain.
Amalgamate : The Rogues clan skill
Amazon Nation : Information about the area The Amazon Nation.
Amazon clan : Information about the Amazon clan.
Ambush : Lay in wait on an unsuspecting target.
Amnesia : Cause an opponent to forget his/her training.
Amusement Park : Information on the area Amusement Park.
An Auspicious Stars : Information for the area 'An Auspicious Star's Zenith.'
Ancient Greece : Information on the Ancient Greece area.
Andarin : The Blighted Tundra of Andarin.
Androgyne : Information about the Androgyne gender.
Angel Breath : Damages target with a chance of putting it to sleep.
Angelfire : Invokes Righteous Fire to purge the Unbelievers.
Animal Friendship : Used by rangers to befriend animals in the wild.
Animate Dead : Turn corpses into zombies bound into your service.
Animate Object : Animate objects and turn them into your minions.
Anna Zalanova : Headmistress of Anatomy of the Clerics' Guild.
Annwn : Information on the Annwn area.
Antimagic Shell : Deflects almost all magical attacks.
Apocalypse : Unleashes the wrath of casters deity.
Approve : Helper/Advisor ability to give channel access to newbie.
Aqua Regia : An Aylorian philanthropic society.
Arboretum : Information on the Arboretum area.
Archdeacon Zlixa : Archdeacon of the Paladin's Guild.
Archer : Information about the Archer subclass.
Archery : Information on the Archery skill.
Archipelago : Uncover the darkness on these mysterious islands.
Archive : Aardwolf's policy on deleting inactive characters.
Archmage Ardraxus : Head of the Mages' Guild.
Area : Areas on Aardwolf - finding your way around.
Area Creation : The process for creating new areas on Aardwolf.
Area Quests : Overview of different areas' individual tasks.
Area Replacements : List of stock areas and their replacements.
Areadeaths : Lists most popular areas based on mobs killed.
Areakills : Lists most dangerous areas based on players killed.
Areaquests : Lists frequency of areas in quests.
Areas : Lists all areas within a specified level range.
Aresajipe : Information on Romani's clan skill.
Arguments : How to argue on Aardwolf.
Arisian Realm : Information on the area Arisian Realm.
Armor : Gives the caster magical protection.
Armor Class : Information on what Armor class was, and what it does.
Armpit : Why would any player try help armpit?
Art of Melody : Information on the area Art of Melody.
Artificers : Information on the Artificer's Mayhem area.
Ascension Bluff Nursing Home : Information on the Ascension Bluff Nursing Home area.
Assassin : Information about the Assassin subclass.
Assassinate : Stealthily attack a victim's vitals, killing it instant
Assault : Assaults a victim with great fury.
Astral Travels : Information on the Astral Travels area.
Atlantis : Information on the Atlantis area.
Attributes : Displays main statistics in brief mode.
Auction : Places an item up for sales on global auction.
Augmented Healing : Increase the efficacy of healing spells.
Aura Sight : Grants ability to sense the alignment of targets.
Aura of Trivia : Special aura item bought with trivia points.
Auras : Various object and mobile auras.
AutoPK : Toggle auto-assist in PK situations.
Autoassist : Automatically engage in combat when grouped.
Autoconsume : Automatically consume corpses you've killed.
Autodesc : Display description along with character whois info.
Autoeq : Information on the autoeq config option.
Autoexit : Toggle seeing exits upon entering a room.
Autogold : Retrieve gold from corpses upon death.
Autokeep : Automatically keep items bought from stores.
Autoloot : Retrieve items from killed monsters automatically.
Automap : Automatically see the Aardwolf map when moving
Autorecall : Recall from combat if your connection is lost.
Autosac : Clean up monster corpses when killed.
Autoshare : Distribute looted gold to all group members.
Autotick : Display character info along with mud 'ticks'.
Avenger : Information about the Avenger subclass.
Avian Kingdom : Information about the area, 'Avian Kingdom'.
Avoidance : Forms a temporary shield around the target.
Awakening : Grants vision and intelligence to the caster
Awareness : Grants some protection from backstab.
Awe : Makes target so in awe of caster it forgets to fight.
Aylor : The busiest city in Andolor.
alt : Introduction on why Aardwolf doesn't recommend alts
Anthrox : Information on the Anthrox area.
Asherodan : Information on the area The Keep of Asherodan.
Autocasting : An extract from two major helpfiles about autocasting.