Help Keywords : Amnesia.
 Help Category : Malediction.
 Related Helps : Instinct, Nofail, Practice.
 Last Updated  : 2019-02-16 11:24:39.
 Syntax: cast amnesia <ability> <target>
 Spell Number: 600

 With practice, a mentalist can eventually target specific memories in an
 opponent's mind, leaving gaping holes in combat training.

 Casting this spell has a chance to greatly reduce the target's effective 
 practiced amount in the skill/spell and reduce their ability in all skills
 and spells by a lesser amount.

 You may use either ability names (in quotes for multiple-word abilities) or 
 spell numbers, and target is not necessary if already engaged in combat 
 directly against the desired target.

 The spell does not lag on a successful cast; however, there is a small 
 recovery time when used against mobs and a slightly longer recovery time
 when used against players.

 Amnesia will not have the same amount of impact on dodges (see 'help dodge'
 for a list) compared to other abilities.  Instinct in an ability is
 affected first; a reduction of 50% from 100% skill and 40% instinct removes
 all instinct and leaves an effective skill level of 90%.  For this reason,
 it is possible to get over 100% reduction from amnesia.

 Spell Available Only: Subclass Mentalist.

 Primary Stats:  Int, Luck.

 More Details on Amnesia
 The percentage of Amnesia taken is a fixed percentage whereas instinct
 adds a percentage on a curve with diminishing returns. Here are some
 specifics on how Amnesia interacts with Instinct:

   Using easy numbers for example only, imagine that 50 instinct in 
   desolation is equivalent to an extra 20% in the skill and 10 instinct 
   is the equivalent of 5%. You have the skill practiced at 100%. Your 
   total effectiveness in desolation with no other effects is 120%.

   Losing -40 in desolation to the old Amnesia would have left you with the
   100% skill and 10 instinct, so 105% total in desolation. The new spell 
   will calculate your total percent and *then* subject the instinct, so 
   -40 now would leave you 80% effective in desolation (rather than the 60% 
   with no instinct at all).

 Other notes on Amnesia:

 * Remember that some spells set an effect then it's the effect and stats 
   that matters. If you use amnesia to nerf someone's sanctuary or haste,  
   that's pretty pointless - they probably already have the effect and all 
   you are doing is preventing them from casting the spell. Focus on
   things that can be dispelled or are usually cast after a fight starts.

 * Also note that your own percentage in a skill (including instinct) 
   impacts success rate - 'help newsaves' covers all the different