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 Aarchaeology relics can be found in the same manner as the artifacts are
 found, by randomly being looted from NPC corpses. These items, however,
 are much more rare.

 The relics are used to sway the Aarchaeology Professor into adding a
 specific stat on your Master of History ring, instead of adding a random
 stat. You need to be holding the relic when you turn in your last item for
 it to take affect. Once used, the relic will disappear, regardless if it was
 successful or not. The stat which the relic adds chance to is in the name
 of the relic itself.

 For example, Epic Relic of Damroll. 'Epic' determines the success rate 
 of adding the desired stat, and damroll is the stat in which the player is 
 hoping to achieve success for.

 There are three levels of relics: rare, epic and legendary. They increase
 your chance of success by the following rates:
 Rare     : +25% chance
 Epic     : +50% chance
 Legendary: +100% chance

 Once the last Aarchaeology item is turned in and the relic is used, you will
 know if it was successful or not by the message that is displayed.
 If the relic glows and explodes, it was successful. If it dims and fades,
 it was not successful. Remember, even if the relic fails, you still have a
 chance of having the stat added since the 'random roll' includes all stats.

 Only the stats that the professor adds to the ring have corresponding 
 relics. Luck is never added to the end reward, so there is no luck relic
 in the game. Combining or swapping relics is not allowed at this time, and 
 there are no plans on doing so in the future. Specifically, it is not 
 possible to trade two rare relics for an epic, or any other combination.

 How to use your relic:
 - Prepare to turn in your 50th and final Aarchaeology item.
 - Locate and travel to the Aarchaeology Professor.
 - Hold your relic by typing "wear relic".
 - Make sure your Master of History is in your inventory.
 - Give your final Aarchaeology item to the professor.
 - Hope your relic was successful! (See above for how to determine)