All In A Fayke Day

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 The Realms of the Fayke Day have existed for many years in harmony
 with each other, each Realm offering what the others do not possess.
 Children in the Realms learn a nursery rhyme, guiding their way through
 the many adventures to be found within the Fayke Day.

 Remember Marcaril: hotter than fire.
 Remember Belleza: where all should retire.

 Remember Earil: filled with corpses and mice.
 Remember Mirils:  The land covered in ice.

 Remember Jupalir: The realm of white sand.
 Remember Sateril: Queen Jill rules this land.

 But now, all that has changed!  Fayke Day is filling up with garbage,
 and Niko needs your help cleaning it up.  Once friendly woodland
 critters now fight like weasels, and Queen Jill is plotting a swift
 and brutal takeover of all the realms.  Are you up to the challenge
 of cleaning up the Fayke Day?

 Level Range         : 10 to 30
 Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
 Goal Recommended at : Level 30
 Goal Converter      : Citron
 Area Author         : Zendalonii

 This is a large and complex quest. Make sure you take careful 
 note of the information given by the quest actors at each step. 

 You can also read the general hints in 'help goal solving'.

 Area added July 7, 2007.


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