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Many of the troll heroes that populate the world of Aardwolf originate
as the best and the brightest of the thriving city of Anthrox.  Anthrox is
found settled in amidst the Greenwart Swamp in the southeast corner
of the main continent, Mesolar.

Despite its uncivilized appearance, Anthrox enjoys a flourishing society
with a leadership hierarchy that promotes honor and respect among its
people.  That said, they find most visitors to be unwelcomed guests and
even its returning citizens are considered adversaries among the local

If you consider venturing into this troll-dominated region, be mindful of
lack of diplomacy and distaste for outsiders.

Also don't forget to shower, if you return.

Axa has instructed Borteg to complete the invasion of Anthrox. Perhaps you
could investigate this?

Level Range         : 80 to 110
Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
Goal Recommended at : Level 110
Goal Min Level      : Level 100
Goal Max Level      : Level 150
Goal Converter      : Kelaire & Scars
Area Author         : Maerchyng