Aard Letter Hunt

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 Last Updated  : 2015-04-06 07:21:12.
 AardLetterHunt is a contest that is held on the games board, run by
 an immortal, and usually announced on the mudinfo board.

 A letter is assigned as the game letter and there are categories that are
 given where you need to find something in the game that begins with the game

 * The letter you are given needs to be the start of the first word used in
   all your answers.
 * There is only one answer per category.
 * You cannot use the same single word answer or phrase in more than one
   category. (even if it means something different)
 * The, An, A, St., a number (unless written as a word) etc preceding a word
   or a phrase do not count. The first letter is considered to be on the
   following word.
 * If there is no answer for a particular category, that is fine, leave your
   answer blank.
 * Restrung items are not permitted. (There are plenty of normal items in
   the game to use)
 * All answers need to be verified.

 * If the game letter is used as the start of more than one word in a single
  answer, 1 bonus point is given for each additional game letter word.
 * If you have a unique answer, you score 1 point.
 * If you have the same answer as another, you receive no points.
 * Duplicate answers within your entry will result in -1 point.
 * Unverifiable or incorrect answers will result in -1 point.
 * Answers left blank will not receive, or lose, any points.
 * Any "borderline" answers will be scored at the discretion of the imm
   running the game.

 Prizes are generally Trivia Points - the distribution of these points, and
 any extra/bonus prizes, will be announced with the game.

 If anyone is found to be cheating by creating another character to use
 their name or to access rooms/areas they are unable to currently, to put
 in an entry, then that player will be disqualified and penalties will