Advisor Policy

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 Being flagged an Advisor will, generally, interfere very little with your
 normal playing style.  There are, however, several rules in addition to the
 Aardwolf policies which you will need to observe: 

 General Advisor Policy

 - Like Helpers, Advisors represent Aardwolf to new players.  Obscene or
   borderline content does not belong on either newbie nor Helper channels.
   This also applies to your title, pretitle, and description. 

 - It is 100% okay to ask for help and if necessary take a break!
   Players can get frustrating sometimes, and it takes being the bigger
   person sometimes to shut your mouth. If a situation gets too stressful,
   use the team and ask for help on the Helper channel.

 Newbietalk & Helpertalk 

 - Newbietalk and Helpertalk are not for general chat or as a sounding board
   for your own personal issues.  Newbies may chat on the newbie channel;
   Advisors and Helpers should stay on topic on both channels when possible,
   so that questions are not missed.

 -  All newbies* should be greeted by as many Helpers/Advisors as possible,
   to an approximate limit of 4, to avoid excessive spam.  Greet triggers are
   not allowed, and aliases should be kept reasonable and varied to avoid
   repetition.  Greetings using socials are less favourable, as we want
   a [Helper] or (Advisor) flag available to assist them.

   *It is permissible to skip greeting newbies with inappropriate names.

 - If you have an issue with another Advisor or Helper, keep it off these
   channels.  Advisors and Helpers work as a team.  Nobody is forcing you to
   interact with the other player nor forcing you to keep your flag.

 - Information found on the Helper channel must stay in the confines of the
   channel.  Quoting or passing it to other people in any way is not
   acceptable, and will result in loss of the flag.

 - The goal of newbietalk is to make new players self-sufficient.  Do not
   equip newbies or spell them up.  Advertise clan or other personal events
   using other means you would normally use, and make sure that everyone
   knows it is an event unrelated to being an Advisor.

 - If a help file lists syntax, refer to the help file rather than giving
   the exact syntax if possible.  It's much less robotic, if you include a
   few words in with mention of the helpfile.  CRs should be done with the
   newbie leading you to the corpse; if that is not possible, you should
   still have the recipient guide you as far as he/she is able. Please
   refer to 'help helper cr' with more specific guidelines.

 - Though not as rigorously applied as with Helpers, you are expected to aid
   on the newbie channel when you can, especially if Helpers are not around
   to do so.  If you can't/don't want to devote any time to the duties of
   an Advisor, please ask to have the flag removed.

 - Don't take offense at advice you may be given by others over the Helper
   channel.  If you have questions, other Advisors, Helpers and Imms will
   always be happy to help you!

 Corpse Retrievals:

 - In general, group with the newbie, follow them to their corpse, and protect
   them, rather than retrieve the corpse for them.  More detailed information is
   available in 'help helper cr'.


 - When asked how to find something, in general, avoid specific directions.
   Make sure that newbies are aware of 'find all','runto',and 'where' options to
   help in their navigation.  If a newbie is still having problems, hints or
   other general advice may be given.  References to map sites and the wiki
   may be given, but please be aware some newbies may not have this resource

 Area Access and Commands:

 - Helpers and Advisors have access to the findcorpse command, and are
   able to access low level areas that would otherwise be inaccessible to 
   higher level players, such as Lowlands Paradise '96, the Aylorian Academy, 
   guilds, etc. Additionally, Helpers have access to additional abilities, 
   like gag, newwhere, and additional parameters on the goals command. 

 - Helpers and Advisors are expected only to access these areas and utilize 
   these commands for the express purpose of assisting newbies. Accessing 
   these areas for personal gain (PKing, obtaining equipment for personal use, 
   etc.) is an abuse of the Helper/Advisor flag and is unacceptable.

 Advisor Applicant Sponsorship

 - If you have the time and are willing to sponsor players who wish to 
   become advisors, please let the Helpershelpers (Penthesilea and 
   Dreamfyre) know. Your name will then be added to the list in 'help 
   advisor sponsors'. An advisor sponsor is required to interview the 
   applicant and afterward summarize the interview in a note to the