Help Keywords : Approve.
 Help Category : Utility.
 Related Helps : Helper, Advisor, Gag.
 Last Updated  : 2017-06-20 13:48:49.
 Syntax: approve <name>

 The approve command is available to imms, helpers and advisors.

 When "gagnewbies" is turned on (imms: help imm-approve) is set to on, all 
 new creations will be unapproved on any toggled channels.  In order for 
 the character to be allowed full access to channels, one of three things 
 needs to happen:

 1) An imm, helper or advisor must approve the newbie.

 2) The newbie must have remained online for an hour.


 3) The newbie must have reached level two.

 Any of these events will allow the newbie full channel access.

 Generally speaking we'd rather approve a new player too soon rather than 
 too late - saying "hi" and getting no response is never a good thing for a
 new player. Once someone speaks and looks like they're not here to spam
 and troll then let them in, we can silence them easily enough afterwards
 if necessary.