Aura Of Trivia

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 The Aura of Trivia is a special item purchased from Ravi via the 'tpspend'
 command ('runto ravi'), at a cost of six trivia points.  It may also be 
 received as a very rare, random daily blessing reward. The Aura of Trivia is 
 always level one, regardless of a player's actual level.

 An 'Aura of Trivia' has a default set of stats ( +1 Con/Str/Wis and +5
 hitroll/damroll ) as well as a few additional random stats; like other worn
 equipment, it may also be enchanted.  The item is worn in its own wear slot
 ('above') and thus may be worn alongside other auras (which are worn in the
 'float' location).

 The owner of an Aura of Trivia may sell it for two trivia points by visiting
 Ravi in Aylor and using the syntax 'tpspend sell aura'.

 An Aardwolf Aura of Trivia can be tpenchanted up to 10 times at the cost of 1
 trivia point per tpenchant (see 'help tpenchant').

 This video shows how to purchase the Aura of Trivia in Aardwolf: