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 The Aylorian Academy is located "Up" from the Grand Temple of Aylor 
 ('recall') and contains a series of lessons and tasks to help new adventurers
 learn how to play Aardwolf.

 To enlist: Type 'recall', then go 'up' and 'north', and type 'enlist'. This
 will make all the commands below available.

 This is a summary of the commands available during each of the lessons and
 quizes in the academy:

 Tasks          - Shows all discovered tasks outstanding.
 Goals academy  - Shows all known academy tasks with status.
 Faster         - Lessons will display faster.
 Slower         - Lessons will display slower.

 During a lesson/quiz:

 Restart        - Restart all lessons from the current trainer. 
 Repeat         - Repeat the last lesson or question.
 Quiz           - Skip all lessons, go straight to quiz.
 Look Blackboard- Review lesson summary.

 Note that all lessons are optional. For those who prefer to explore and
 discover things for themselves, each academy lesson can be completed by 
 going straight to the quiz. Use the blackboard in the room as a starting
 point to help files containing the answers.

 If you forget where you are in your training, type 'tasks' to see where you
 are at in the training process.  You can also use 'runto <lesson>' (for
 example, 'runto combat') while in the academy to return to the proper
 training room. Use 'find all' while in the Academy area for the list of
 keywords you can 'runto'.

 Area added Jun 2, 2008. Replaces Mud School.


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