Advisor Sponsors

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 Last Updated  : 2021-06-10 08:29:26.
 The following names have agreed to act as a sponsor to help you with your
 advisor application.

 * All [Helper]s (See 'who helper' and/or 'roster helper 1')
 * Bluefeather
 * Kalista
 * Stormwind
 * Cereus
 * Growltiger
 * Redryn
 * Brun
 * Saraid
 * Mendaloth
 * Nienna

 Please do not be offended if a person on this list declines your request
 to interview you. Remember that sometimes timing is crucial. Feel free to
 ask someone else.

 Note: This list is subject to change at all times, as new volunteers might
 be added any time or some players might request to be removed.

 The sponsor's job is to first interview the applicant, then write a note in 
 the personal forum to the Imms who are 'HelpersHelpers' (see 'help Penthesilea' 
 or 'help Dreamfyre').

 This note should both summarize the interview and explain why the sponsored 
 applicant would (or would not) make a useful addition to the Advisor team.