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 Last Updated  : 2010-06-29 20:29:32.
 Note: Currently, building applications are only open to experienced
       builders (those who have a credited Aardwolf goal, area re-write or
       original area). People wishing to build but who lack experience may
       apply to imm (personal board) for a smaller project (goal and/or stock
       area re-write).  Applicants should have enough experience with Aardwolf
       to understand the main concepts of leveling, equipment needs and goals.
       This usually would mean the player has reached at least level 200 and
       have completed goals in multiple level ranges.

 For those with goal writing and/or area creation experience, please follow
 the steps below.  

   1.  Write to 'imm' on the personal board with an outline.  Include your
       area idea/theme/plan, level range of the area, and how large the area
       is expected to be.  Please note that we are looking to fill gameplay
       needs for players above level 60.

   2.  Once you are accepted, a zone will be created for you on test port, and
       you will be expected to review the available helps on building (the 
       builders website as well as the help BUILD- files on test port).

 Building is a slow process.  While you may be logged on to both test
 port and main port at the same time, you should expect to spend a lot of
 time focused on your area.  If you do not think you will be able to focus
 on building (whether to focus on things on main port or in real life), you
 may wish to reconsider your application or do so when you have more time
 available to dedicate to building.

 It is recommended that you map out your area's rooms, mobiles, objects,
 and ideas for any mobprograms before you start building. This will give
 you a much easier time building the area and make for a much more clean 
 and well-designed area in the end.  You can access the Builders web page
 at to become acquainted with the flags and
 specifics before using them directly on the Builder's port.

 Your area becoming a permanent part of Aardwolf is a great reward; however,
 you will also receive a medal in a unique wear slot, which has a few extra
 stats.  This is a personal thank-you for your contribution to Aardwolf, and
 is not to be shared.

 We can not take areas created with any offline ROM area creator (such as
 MZF, etc).  Aardwolf does not use the standard ROM 2.4 area format.  All
 building must be done online on the test port.

                      *** PLEASE NOTE ***
 We are NOT looking for copyright-based (TV show, movie, book) or reality-
 based (electronics, space, historical events) areas.  Areas are expected to
 be original in theme.  See 'The Dead Zone' under 'Building Areas' on the
 Builder's web site (listed above) for a sample list of areas that would not
 be allowed.